What is the Quantta data stack? What is the universe of data Quantta deals with?

Built into the Quantta platform, we have Asia’s largest consumer file that covers over 350 million people, accounting for 80% of India’s urban GDP and 90% of India’s rural GDP. With the data sourced from multiple disparate data warehouses, we have cleaned and homogenised the data points to make them useful at macro and micro levels. The data stack created is the singular most extensive data source that has been provided by a single entity.

We have demographic, economic, social, credit and geographical data (to name a few) and within each data segment, the data coverage is in-depth. For example, within economic data, we have parameters of Growth and inflation rates, Employment and unemployment rates, Production and investment by industry, FDI, Consumer behaviour and purchases, Production, import and export by commodity, etc.

How is Quantta different from any other marketing company?

With our unique depth of data that is available at an individual level, we can custom build the audience for your specific product or service based on the preferences of users and the product offerings. We provide data insights that can be decomposed to district, ward or even 1 square kilometre grid levels. The power of our data and social listening tools help you target the right people with the right persuasion triggers to influence their behaviour. This ensures efficient lead generation.

How does the Quantta-Optimus Partnership add value?

The collaboration between Optimus and Quantta will help improve the productivity and efficiency of our deliverability within India and abroad. The advanced technologies developed by Optimus can be applied to the vast data sets that Quantta possesses, thereby helping the entire Indian Market grow. While Quantta is trying to optimize the limited resources disposable with their clients by directly targeting the end consumer, Optimus’s technology will us help achieve this goal. This technology-product collaboration will be a major boost to revenue and market growth as it will give us an opportunity to work on varied projects and deliver them in the shortest time period.

Whom have we worked for?

Our client list varies across sectors of banking and financial services, QSR, aviation, manufacturing, microfinance, jewellery, government bodies, etc. We have worked on projects involving location, predictive and behavioural analytics. Some of these clients include SBI, McDonald’s, Spicejet, TVS, Bombay Dyeing and more.

What services does Quantta offer?

Our location analytics helps companies in their market expansion plans while our predictive and behavioural tools help solve marketing and distributional challenges. The Quantta Platform can perform market research, individual targeting, social listening and consumer insight services. Besides this, we also provide custom solutions as per the business problem to be addressed.

What technology does Quantta use?

The Quantta Platform uses proprietary tools to create the data stack, which is used alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. We use cloud technology along with R, SQL, Hadoop, Python, Spark, Cassandra and H2O.AI to name a few.

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