About Us


Quantta is built on the premise that data is the new engine for productivity. We set out to  solve the biggest problem of all, organising, homogenising, standardising and quantifying data. Over the past few years, we have built one of the largest data sets of everything India. It covers 80% of the Urban GDP of India and 90% of the Rural GDP of India. This gives us unparalleled insight into the markets that matter at hyper local level. Our team of PhD’s from top ranking schools in India and the United States have built cutting edge tools to collate, aggregate and organise vast amounts of data that drive revenue for our clients.

We use cutting edge machine learning tools to fuse data from multiple sources to form a homogenised and standardised view of the world. Our Big Data Platform ingests data from multiple sources in real time to recreate your world digitally. This allows you to create a deep insight into markets and customers and drive efficiency and productivity across your value chain.

Quantta has built one of the largest repository of the Universe of people of India. This Universe is the base file used to model your audience and select small cohorts of people that fit your target audience. The target audience is identified using deep learning that creates persona that match your desired audience. This allows you to target small groups of people to persuade appropriate responses.


Our vision is to stitch the world together. One data point at a time.


Our mission is to build a data enabled world in which human interactions occur efficiently.

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