Top 10 Analytics Startups in India

05 Aug, 2017: There’s no denying that India has become the powerhouse of big data analytics startups. Given the kind of growth rate that analytics has witnessed in recent years, it’s certain that more thought leaders and professionals will create their own startups in the near future. On an average, India incubates one startup every week. With over 4,000 startups in its kitty, it all ends at the ‘survival of the fittest’. The top 10 fighters for the year 2017 are as follows –



Founded in 2012 by the former CTO of Yahoo!, Altiscale is a Big Data Platform that provides rapid access to production-ready Spark and Hadoop frameworks on a high availability infrastructure across sites. The Altiscale Data Cloud works on the “Always on” approach with development centers in Chennai, Illinois, and Palo Alto.



Dextro Analytics is a technology and decision analysis company. It helps its clients in decision making by integrating personalized solutions and differentiating foresights on the basis of their revolutionary machine learning and AI platform. Dextro has attained an impressive clientele in Australia, South East Asia and North America in a very short span of time.



Founded in 2015, Globcon Technologies provides cutting-edge and enduring solutions in big data, product strategy, business intelligence, market research and sales planning. Real-time solutions offered by the company help their clients in accelerating decision-making strategies. Based in Mumbai, the company has earned a reputation for pinpointing their customer’s hidden pain factors.



Incedo Inc. took birth in the year 2011 when it emerged as a separate entity from earlier parent company Indiabulls. Today it has more than 40 clients in marketing, data visualization, sales, BI and interactive analytics, among others. Analytics solutions offered by the company are supported by expertise in services for data management, such as collection of data, consolidation, cleaning and governance.



Their real-time solution, ‘n!Gage’ of provides managers and leaders with valuable insights in order to proactively identify customers and employee issues immediately. The solution also monitors and designs the impact in real-time and at the same time, engages employees to drive customer revenue and loyalty. Established in Bangalore in 2014, the two-year old company is in discussions with retail, travel, hospitality, FMCG and IT service companies among others.



Focusing on retail, e-commerce and Pharma industries, Perceptive Analytics is a data analytics company based in Hyderabad. Founded by an ISB alumnus, the company works on the 5 – second principle. They offer an executive dashboard which starts working in 5 seconds irrespective of their customers’ dataset size or format.



PropheSee takes care of brands so that they can control their ineffective and disjointed cross-channel strategies of marketing. Being a consolidated platform, it offers end-to-end tracking of digital data to brands. It gives decision-makers an opportunity to analyze each channel individually as well as the effect of one channel on the other.



‘Intuition to insights’-The tagline of the company pretty much sums up the services that they provide. Using maps and statistical analysis to visualize and interpret data into valuable and actionable insights, Quantta Analytics specializes in predicting the 4 primary questions associated with the customers- ‘Who are your target customers?’, ‘What are they planning to buy?’, ‘Where will they buy from?’ and ‘How can you reach them?’



It is a Customer Intelligence and Review management solution provider primarily focusing on the tourism and hospitality industry. By tracking the content generated by users across 120 countries and over 20 global languages to derive customer reviews and insights across numerous functions of the sector. The RepuFact sentiment analysis engine uses semantic and natural language processing algorithms to monitor and identify Part of Speech Tags and return “Sentiment Value Score” for each mention.



A new age analytics company that infuses intelligence in the way that organizations or firms decipher consumer behavior patterns and extract value from the insights in order to deliver a unified customer experience. Their own platform, Ether, aims at enabling day-to-day interactions between business processes, humans and technology.

Apart from these 10, numerous startups in the analytics arena await to leave a mark. While India has already become the 3rd largest center of startups in the world in the technology segment, 2017 is anticipated to bring in a lot of opportunities with itself!


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