Quantta: Infusing Predictive and Location Intelligence into Business Strategies

04 Aug, 2017: As companies tread in the knowledge era, they are bewildered at the sheer quantum of information that is available. But a fresh set of challenges tag along with the teeming opportunities that this data present them with. The topmost one being effectively analyzing this information to come up with a meaningful future strategy that will take the organization to greater heights in terms of productivity, market share, and profits.

Quantta Analytics Pvt. Ltd, with its headquarters in Kolkata, use cutting edge tools to provide Predictive Analytics and Location Analytics solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer while keeping in mind their future needs. The company has access to more than 25 billion data points that they have acquired from various quasi-government and government sources. This Big Data include datasets that range from people to places to things and virtually anything including traffic and weather. This data is then analyzed using advanced tools that are a mix of both technology and analytics to derive an appropriate solution for the client.


Providing insight into micro market

Geography has an important influence on human behavior, for e.g., likes, dislikes, income etc just as it does with the success of an organization. Quantta uses Location analytics to convert data sets to understand this influence on a granular scale. It helps the companies build strategies and effectively use them. The company suggests the marketing technique to be used, the effective pricing methodology etc. through which the organization can conquer the market. “Location analytics is effectively the science of prediction.” says Ritesh Bawri, Founder, Quantta Analytics. He further adds, “Predictive Analytics is a new and evolving Science, largely because of the availability of the sheer volume of the datasets. In India, this technology is relatively new and we are glad to say that we are one of the pioneering companies on this turf. We also run various types of predictive analytics tests like “predicting what would happen if, say, the prices of a particular product were to be increased.”” The company thoroughly maintains and updates its data warehouse using its excellent technological acumen and creativity while efficaciously building tools that are capable to automate the extraction and assimilation of large volumes of data. The company provides a 360 degree solution to their clients that are dispersed over a variety of sectors, especially the retail markets and the Banking sector.


Preparing for the Future

The company resolutely believes that predictive analytics is the future. While charting their way to step into the global market, they intend to be the general service provider by providing their services to anyone who needs it, thereby redefining sector and turf borders. Quantta plans on expanding their offerings to the healthcare sector and further build their data repository. Quantta eagerly looks forward to the Smart City initiative of Narendra Modi Government where organizations within the nation link hands for the progress of the country, as Quantta awaits to zealously contribute to this momentous cause by offering its insightful analytics services.


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